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Говорит ли русское IT по-английски?

Можно ли без знания английского языка устроиться в перспективный IT-проект? Кому из разработчиков, тестировщиков, аналитиков и других программистов на работе недостаточно знать только русский? Какой процент IT-специалистов свободно говорит по английски сегодня? Специально для Digital Report рассказал Алексей Анисимов, Recruitment Team Lead GlobalCareer. Я проанализировал выборку в 14 тысяч программистов разного уровня и компетенций и […]

Аналитика рынка труда при подборе ИТ-специалистов

Дефицит ИТ-специалистов продолжает расти, а конкуренция становится все жестче: на рынке труда активно диктуют правила крупный бизнес и компании с государственным участием. Где искать разработчиков, если текущей ёмкости рынка недостаточно, а зарплаты выглядят космически высокими? Достаточно привлекательным выглядит поиск потенциальных сотрудников в регионах. Местным компаниям становится сложно конкурировать с московскими работодателями в условиях перехода на […]

Tracking the Demand for IT Specialists

According to the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT), every fifth job ad posted in Moscow this past summer was IT related. Today we’ll examine the demand for developers, analysts, testers and other programmers, along with the salary range. How Has the IT Market Changed Due to the Pandemic? The global situation caused by COVID-19 […]

Recruiting Hadoop Specialists

In 2 years GlobalCareer managed to find 30 engineers, analysts and developers who use Hadoop. Most candidates received job offers from a large bank that was developing a new IT project. Today we’ll share how we tracked down these hard-to-find specialists. Hadoop is an open-source set of programs and procedures. It was developed in 2006 […]

Delivery Director Navigation

Client: International IT Holding Vacancy: Delivery Director Automotive Navigation Project manager: Recruitment Team Lead Alexey Anisimov The GlobalCareer team is looking for IT specialists; not only for Russian companies, but also for developers of complex software on an international scale. We have managed to fulfill over 50 vacancies in the automotive industry. Most of these […]

Searching for a Specialized Network Engineer

Client: A large financial organization engaged in money transfers around the world Vacancy: Network Engineer Consultant: Alexey Anisimov The demand for specialists and developers who are able to create innovative solutions for financial management is quite high. In today’s case, we’ll explain how we found an IT specialist with a unique combination of skills in the area of financial technology. Business challenge Our client — […]

The office in Eschborn, Germany stops operations

Dear colleagues and partners, I would like to announce the following change in our organization: the office in Eschborn, Germany stops operations on May 1st, 2020. As you may know, the core specialization of the office was Legal Technology. GlobalCareer will continue the execution of Executive Search and IT Recruitment projects in Western Europe with the involvement of our Eastern European team. Kristian Schilling & his team […]

The Search for a Rare SAP EHSM Consultant

Client: A large, Russian industrial company Vacancy: SAP EHSM Consultant Consultant: Anna Kozik In this case study we’ll outline how we found an extremely rare SAP consultant. This was one of the experienced candidates in our practice and closing this vacancy is proof that a highly-skilled professional will be in demand regardless of their age and place of residence. Business challenge Our client, a large Russian industrial […]

Hiring Systems Analysts

The GlobalCareer team regularly encounters requests for systems analysts. They’re in high demand by both large industrial or financial holdings and young startups. Today we’ll find out who they are, get an understanding of the labor market and talk about the qualities and skills that professional consultants pay attention to during interviews. In the IT sphere, two main types of analysts are in demand: business […]

GlobalCareer IT Recruitment: Frequently Asked Questions

New customers usually approach us with very similar questions. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the most common ones — as answered by Larisa Shurenkova, business development director at GlobalCareer. What vacancies does GlobalCareer specialize in? We search for experienced IT professionals that work in high-tech industries. Most of the vacancies we fill are in software development: Java, C#/C++/. NET, JavaScript, PHP, Python and specialists […]

Java Developers for a Dublin Telecom Company

Client: international telecommunications company with 175 worldwide offices Vacancy: Java developer Consultant: Zoya Bogdashkina Business challenge Our client was establishing an R&D center in Ireland and was interested in a quick search for IT specialists. However, the company was aware that the shortage and nonavailability of specialists — and their reluctance to change jobs — would probably make it difficult to fill the vacancy in the desired […]

C++ in Information Security

Client: an international company specializing in information security software Vacancy: Lead C++ developer Consultant: Julia Melnikova The field of computer security is traditionally considered quite pecular: high requirements for developers, an atypical stack of skills. At the same time, at cybersecurity companies there is demand for good developers without specific knowledge. This case is about how a developer from GameDev was picked out of 270 candidates for […]