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Labor Market Analysis at GlobalCareer

For the search entry «developer salary report», Google shows more than 50 million results. Why do people order labor market analytics when there are a lot of publicly available materials from specialized research companies and recruiting agencies? According to the HH. ru portal, 89% of employers use HR analytics to search and select personnel. We receive requests for regular reviews on a whole panel of positions. For almost every […]

Increasing the effectiveness of recruitment in scalable projects

Client: a large financial organization Service: recruitment of Regular/Middle/Senior IT specialists Partner: Natalia Marchenko Business Challenge The task was to staff the client’s division with IT specialists in the shortest time possible. The challenge of the project was working on 150+ vacancies at one time. We analyzed input data and developed a strategy, whose key element was to assess recruitment on the client side. Approach To implement the strategy, […]

Executive Search at GlobalCareer

Executive Search is one of many services we provide to clients in IT and technology industries.In the last five years of operation we have closed more than one hundred positions on CxO, VP, MD, and D tiers. Our candidates received job offers from Germany, the United Kingdom, USA, Sweden, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Korea and other countries. We mostly work with positions arising due […]

Кейс GlobalCareer: Frontend Engineer в IIoT-проект

Клиент: международная многоотраслевая корпорация Вакансия: Frontend Engineer IT-роль: Middle/Senior Frontend Engineer Консультант: Алексей Анисимов Бизнес-задача GlobalCareer была поручена задача поэтапного закрытия трех вакансий Frontend-разработчиков в рамках совместного проекта международной и российской компаний по внедрению масштабной системы предиктивного IIoT анализа на крупнейшем частном облаке в СНГ. На начальном этапе сотрудничества мы обсудили с работодателем: задачи специалистов: разработка одностраничных приложений и интерфейсов для платформы и перенос небольшого […]

RPO at GlobalCareer

At GlobalCareer there is a large separate department which provides recruitment process outsourcing services. The main purpose of this department is to provide a pool of relevant candidates to quickly fill a large number of vacancies. We know IT! So, we are well aware which specialists with which technology stack and with how much experience our clients need. Over the last 11 years we have accumulated a sizable candidate database and […]

IT Business Process Consultant для финансовой компании

Клиент: международная финансовая компания IT-роль: Project Manager Консультант: Елена Мильченко Бизнес-задача В связи с развитием системы интеграции своего продукта с другими банковскими системами на территории России и СНГ, у нашего клиента — крупной международной финансовой компании, открылась вакансия IT Business Process Consultant. Причиной обращения в GlobalCareer стал предыдущий удачный опыт закрытия IT-вакансий. Процесс поиска IT Business Process Consultant В первую очередь мы детально обсудили задачи для […]

10-Year anniversary

In October 2018, our agency turned 10 years old!  During this time we have advanced our clients in the development of IT functions and systems and have hired more than 1,500 technology specialists. We are proud of the development in our niche, studying new technologies, being in the industry and understanding its needs. For 10 years […]

Luxoft Personnel is rebranding

The rebranding concept coincided with the company’s expansion to the European markets and with the company’s expertise areas development. The preceding name Luxoft Personnel rang a bell of Luxoft and it kept reminding of IT practices. And this might bring some obstacles while positioning the agency at the global markets. We had a chance to […]