C++ in Information Security

Technology Case-studies
Client: an international company specializing in information security software
Vacancy: Lead C++ developer
Consultant: Julia Melnikova

The field of computer security is traditionally considered quite pecular: high requirements for developers, an atypical stack of skills. At the same time, at cybersecurity companies there is demand for good developers without specific knowledge. This case is about how a developer from GameDev was picked out of 270 candidates for the position.

Business challenge

A young, vibrant company, considered a leader in European market information security systems, was looking for a lead C++ developer to join one of their teams and help develop new functionality features for a security product for web applications, portals and ERP systems.

The open position was quite attractive for candidates due to the prospect of team management, the opportunity to participate in the development of business logic, attend conferences, move to other areas of the company business. However, the requirements to candidate were quite high:

  • Three years’ experience in commercial development
  • Excellent knowledge of the latest versions of C/C++, experience in developing server applications
  • Experience in working with STL and Boost libraries
  • System programming experience for UNIX/Linux (POSIX)

In addition, during technical interviews, attention was paid to algorithmic training, experience in working with high-load systems, and low-level development.


According to our research, the number of vacancies in the cybersecurity sector in Russia last year increased by almost 8%, which is driven not only by the growth of cybersecurity companies, but also by the trend of non-cybersecurity companies creating information security departments.

On the other hand: the demand for C++ developers is hig. There are fewer than three CVs for every open vacancy. Therefore, the main search strategy was to look for candidates not active on the labour market and to use of both our own candidate database and HR tools — AmazingHiring, Boolean Search in professional social networks and forums.


Having sifted through more than 270 candidates matching for the vacancy profile, we presented 12 CVs to the employer. At the technical interview and the test stages, two-thirds of the candidates dropped out; two specialists received job offers.

As Julia Melnikova, the GlobalCareer consultant leading the project, noted, «although the vacancy seems typical, there were several nuances, essential for the employer, that were not visible at the CV review level. For example, the company uses the latest versions of C++, while the labor market usually consists of specialists with knowledge of C++ 11 or even 98. Another factor was the corporate culture in the client’s company, specifically — the use of a agile development methodology. We managed to find a candidate who shared a similar approach to the work and values ​​of the company and who was interested in developing a modern, complex product in the field of information security».

The field of information security was fairly new for the selected candidate; his previous project was in GameDev, which gave the candidate some experience and understanding of high-load systems. An advantage was the candidate’s experience with data encryption protocols, Python development, basic knowledge of Go, Lua, JavaScript and GIT.

Feedback from the candidate who accepted the offer: «In my previous role, I had some experience in the field of computer security (I worked with encryption protocols within a previous project), so I had an idea of what to expect here. In this job, I like the fact that you need to write reliable code. I was considering another vacancy in parallel, but what I liked about this role was the ease of communication and the specifics of the company. Right from the start, it was very comfortable to communicate; I understood what information the consultant wanted from me, and GlobalCareer, in turn, provided the information I needed. Now everything is going well. The role meets my expectations, and some things turned out to be even better than what I anticipated.»

We have been working with hard-to-fill IT specialist vacancies for 10 years. We find candidates for very specific vacancy profiles, study the labor market according to your requests and provide support at the selection planning stage. We would be happy to share our experiences in IT recruitment with you. Just leave a request on our website.

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