Increasing the effectiveness of recruitment in scalable projects

Client: a large financial organization
Service: recruitment of Regular/Middle/Senior IT specialists
Partner: Natalia Marchenko

Business Challenge

The task was to staff the client’s division with IT specialists in the shortest time possible. The challenge of the project was working on 150+ vacancies at one time.

We analyzed input data and developed a strategy, whose key element was to assess recruitment on the client side.


To implement the strategy, we focused on the following steps:

  • Test vacancy descriptions in terms of attraction, clarity, sufficiency of information for candidates
  • Propose amendments and additions to candidate and project profiles
  • Conduct an analysis to explore reasons for rejection of candidates, and identify opportunities to increase conversion in the recruitment funnel
  • Based on the results of analytics research of the labor market and competitive environment, formulate the guideline for the recruitment department
  • Draw up a roadmap for the practical implementation


The client accepted our recommendations and they were implemented in the recruitment process.

Recruitment time decreased for separate vacancies as well as for the overall project. The number of candidate rejections decreased, the effectiveness of the recruitment funnel increased, and cooperation flourished.

Natalia Marchenko, Partner at GlobalCareer, head of the project, notes that “When we are dealing with plenty of vacancies, it’s important to properly organize the whole hiring process. Сompleteness of the information, comprehension of client demands, and fast communication with hiring managers allow us to improve conversion and generate a sufficient flow of candidates.”

Natalia Marchenko

Client’s feedback: Working with GlobalCareer allowed us to get acquainted with many candidates so we could hire the best people.

At GlobalCareer there is a high level of organization of internal processes and a system-based approach to requests. This had a significant impact on the quality of the candidates presented, which made managing the relationships easier.

Very quickly we received a list of shortlisted candidates from GlobalCareer, which included mostly Middle and Senior specialists — a group in high demand in our division.

Only time will tell how our new employees will live up to expectations. But so far, we have had positive feedback indicating a successful result.”

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