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IT Recruitment

GlobalCareer has worked with technology-related industries for ten years and in this time we have matched over 1,500 candidates with openings at various levels and roles including: Developers, Testers, Analysts, Team Leads, Project Managers, Product Managers, Architects and more.

With every project, we first try to understand our clients’ needs before selecting the right experts for the development and maintenance of a product or service be it a mobile app for iOS or Android, a payment system, a web development project or creating and managing cloud technologies for big data. This reduces selection time as we know exactly who to look for and where.

GlobalCareer consultants select candidates with relevant experience in the right companies, with the right industry education and specialisation requirements.

Focus areas:

Software & Hardware

  • Programming languages (Java, Ń#/.Net, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Python)
  • DB (SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2)


  • Big Data (Hadoop)
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • Embedded Systems
  • Drivers
  • Algorithms
  • Cybersecurity

ERP & Automation

  • ERP (SAP, OEBS, 1C)
  • CRM
  • Front-office Systems (Murex, Fidessa, Calypso)

PMO & Analysis

  • Project Managers
  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysts

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Recruitment process outsourcing is a complete or partial outsourcing of the searching and selecting of staff for a project, department or an entire organisation.

As a part of the RPO service, we create a project team for each client. The team looks for relevant candidates based on each client’s specifications and requests.

When might RPO be right for you?:

  • You have a large number of openings
  • You need to meet tight/short deadlines
  • You are focused on business growth (in particular in IT)
  • You aren’t able to expand your in-house recruitment team
  • You are filling multiple vacancies for the same job or similar jobs

Some advantages of RPO include:

  • Optimization of recruitment processes by an external provider
  • Quick search turnaround for candidates via an established database and proven tool set
  • Saving internal resources and budget expenditures on candidate recruitment (by being able to close a large number of vacancies all at once)
  • Helping your in-house recruitment department with expertise and customer communication – from high-quality briefs to filling vacancies
  • Monitoring of the assessment and recruitment process by GlobalCareer

Executive Search

Here at GlobalCareer we strongly believe that searching for and selecting top management is one of the most important decisions our partners face. That’s why we developed a re-routing technology for selecting top-tier managers that combines deep analysis of business and market needs as well as networking using professional communities.

When searching for a candidate, GlobalCareer consultants consider the technical aspects of the project, the corporate culture of the employer, project locations, and any other specific client requests. When selecting candidates, we assess business skills, motivation, and candidate strengths and weaknesses using a set of proven techniques (personal profile analysis, Thomas Personality Profile Assessment, 360 degree feedback, etc.) to ascertain the candidate’s suitability for a position.

Our candidates have performed successfully in the following positions:

  • Director of Big Data Practices at a global IT services provider (United Kingdom)
  • Managing Director at a global IT service provider (Singapore)
  • Director of Business Development at a global IT service provider (Switzerland)
  • Managing Director of Media & Communication for a global IT service provider (USA)
  • Digitalization and Legal Tech Director at an international auditor (Germany)
  • CTO at a large system integrator (Russia)
  • General Manager for Eastern Europe at a major global software company (Russia)

TAM (Talent Acquisition Management) Advisory

Assessment and testing of candidates plays an important role in resourcing. This is an essential part of recruitment.

TAM (Talent Acquisition Management) Advisory is a unique service for assessing and testing the IT experts that will become part of your team. The fundamentally new approach combines best practices in IT staff recruitment and assessment from GlobalCareer and Luxoft Training.

TAM Advisory leverages GlobalCareer’s large database of candidates and the hard skills proprietary assessment method developed by the Luxoft Training Center.

The mix of such expertise allows us to select candidates:

  • Faster: the hard skills automated testing and professional test developed by Luxoft Training reduces recruitment time.
  • With higher quality: results of the tests help us get a more full and fair picture of a candidate’s knowledge and skills, excluding subjective factors.
  • More cost efficiently: using a service from a single provider cuts administrative costs on the client side and is ultimately more beneficial.

Assemble your productive IT team with TAM Advisory!

Labour Market Analysis

Analytical services are a part of our expertise.

A well-crafted and thoroughly researched report can help employers better understand salary expectations, competencies and candidate motivation, which leads to a more effective recruitment strategy.

We can provide the following types of analysis and reporting:

  • Salary Market Review
  • Regional Capacity Assessment
  • IT Specialisation Review
  • Industry and R&D Analysis in various locations
  • Market and Technology Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Other Areas (upon request)