Executive Search for C and D levels

Executive Search

Here at GlobalCareer we strongly believe that searching for and selecting top management is one of the most important decisions our partners face. That’s why we developed a re-routing technology for selecting top-tier managers that combines deep analysis of business and market needs as well as networking using professional communities.

When searching for a candidate, GlobalCareer consultants consider the technical aspects of the project, the corporate culture of the employer, project locations, and any other specific client requests. When selecting candidates, we assess business skills, motivation, and candidate strengths and weaknesses using a set of proven techniques (personal profile analysis, Thomas Personality Profile Assessment, 360 degree feedback, etc.) to ascertain the candidate’s suitability for a position.

Our candidates have performed successfully in the following positions:

  • Director of Big Data Practices at a global IT services provider (United Kingdom)
  • Managing Director at a global IT service provider (Singapore)
  • Director of Business Development at a global IT service provider (Switzerland)
  • Managing Director of Media & Communication for a global IT service provider (USA)
  • Digitalization and Legal Tech Director at an international auditor (Germany)
  • CTO at a large system integrator (Russia)
  • General Manager for Eastern Europe at a major global software company (Russia)