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    Today the traditional Retail industry faces many challenges: competition from e-commerce, lower purchasing power and the widespread adoption of new technologies. Consumers are not only interested in the quality of goods and services, but also the transparency of production, compliance with high environmental standards and individual tailor-made offers. Modern retail is technology-rich and constantly tracks the dynamics of customer preferences while striving to offer goods and services where and when they are convenient for the customer.

    In such an environment it is particularly important to implement cutting-edge technologies to enhance business processes such as the use of Big Data, Cloud services, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.

    Due to the constant need for change, managers, analysts, and developers who are able to build the right architecture for storing and processing data are in high demand. From its unique position inside the IT market, GlobalCareer is able to use its broad network of contacts to help retailers fill challenging openings with IT experts and top managers in a way that is both highly effective and of the highest quality.


    • E-commerce
    • IT for Logistics & Customer Service
    • Mobile Commerce
    • Standard Procedure Automation
    • Big Data Analytics



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