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    The Automotive industry is rapidly changing as a result of new technologies and growing customer expectations. Consequently, the demand for managers and IT experts with extensive knowledge about technology and changing industry standards with a flexible mindset is growing as well.

    GlobalCareer uses multiple tools to search for specialists with experience in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, material engineering and production engineering.

    Our clients have confirmed many times over that the candidates we select are highly qualified in software development and are able to help their employers quickly adapt to changes in the industry. Our GlobalCareer consultants have broad knowledge and extensive experience in the Automotive industry, which helps them to thoroughly evaluate candidates who can take our clients’ businesses to the next level.


    • IT Services to the Automotive Industry
    • Automotive Embedded Software
    • Diagnostics and Functional Safety
    • Telematics & Connected Mobility
    • Autonomous Driving & ADAS
    • Navigation & HMI
    • Digital Cockpit
    • Transportation & Logistics Services

    Client Feedback

    It’s hard to count how many successful managers GlobalCareer helped us to bring on board

    I have been working with GlobalCareer for a number of years now in search and hiring executive and top management positions, and have always been more than satisfied with the results. It starts with thorough preparation for every vacancy – learning about business needs, responsibilities, cultural and work style preferences. Then comes excellent candidate network supported by continuous work and keeping contacts, whether people are in active search or not. And diligent following up on interviews, feedbacks, re-evaluation of needs, selection and onboarding. Further monitoring of candidate success shows high interest in the final results and continuous improvement of work processes. The last, but not the least is great personal experience with the team – always pleasant, professional, and accurate. It’s hard to count how many successful managers GlobalCareer helped us to bring on board, and I’m looking forward to further working together.

    Mikhail Bykov, Senior Vice President, Automotive Solutions Luxoft

    GlobalCareer continues to be my #1 choice when searching for exceptional talent

    The people of GlobalCareer found some of the strongest leaders in my management team as well as some of our most senior technical experts. Working with GlobalCareer is a pleasure, the whole team is proactive, focused, friendly and fast. Their approach is highly collaborative and greatly supports building mutual understanding, trust and confidence between a candidate and Luxoft. GlobalCareer continues to be my #1 choice when searching for exceptional talent.

    Marek Jersak, Vice President, Autonomous Drive Solutions, Automotive Solutions Luxoft


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