RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Outsourcing of IT Teams’ Recruitment

Recruitment process outsourcing is a complete or partial outsourcing of the searching and selecting of staff for a project, department or an entire organisation.

As a part of the RPO service, we create a project team for each client. The team looks for relevant candidates based on each client’s specifications and requests.

When might RPO be right for you?

  1. You have a large number of openings.
  2. You need to meet tight/short deadlines.
  3. You are focused on business growth (in particular in IT).
  4. You are filling multiple vacancies for the same job or similar jobs.

Some advantages of RPO include


Optimization of recruitment processes by an external provider


Quick search turnaround for candidates via an established database and proven tool set


Saving internal resources and budget expenditures on candidate recruitment (by being able to close a large number of vacancies all at once)


Helping your in-house recruitment department with expertise and customer communication

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