Формирование команд для стартапа

Кейс о том, как мы в сжатые сроки с нуля сформировали команды для нового IT-проекта. Клиент: IT-стартап Услуга: подбор IT-специалистов уровня Senior и выше Руководитель проекта: Алексей Анисимов, Recruitment Team Lead Одним из самых интересных кейсов последнего времени для GlobalCareer стало формирование команд разработки и тестирования для стартапа. Мы поговорили с Анной Козик, консультантом агентства, […]

Recruiting Hadoop Specialists

In 2 years GlobalCareer managed to find 30 engineers, analysts and developers who use Hadoop. Most candidates received job offers from a large bank that was developing a new IT project. Today we’ll share how we tracked down these hard-to-find specialists. Hadoop is an open-source set of programs and procedures. It was developed in 2006 […]

RPO at GlobalCareer

At GlobalCareer there is a large separate department which provides recruitment process outsourcing services. The main purpose of this department is to provide a pool of relevant candidates to quickly fill a large number of vacancies. We know IT! So, we are well aware which specialists with which technology stack and with how much experience our clients need. Over the last 11 years we have accumulated a sizable candidate database and […]