The office in Eschborn, Germany stops operations

Dear colleagues and partners, I would like to announce the following change in our organization: the office in Eschborn, Germany stops operations on May 1st, 2020. As you may know, the core specialization of the office was Legal Technology. GlobalCareer will continue the execution of Executive Search and IT Recruitment projects in Western Europe with the involvement of our Eastern European team. Kristian Schilling & his team […]

IT Recruitment at GlobalCareer

Today, we would like to share GlobalCareer’s experience in recruiting IT specialists. For 10 years, we have successfully hired not only top managers, but also developers, analysts, consultants, architecture and IT managers. Let’s start with the biggest pool of vacancies both on the international and Russian markets. Demand for Java, .NET, C, C++, and C# developers is growing steadily, as well as for mobile development positions for […]

10-Year anniversary

In October 2018, our agency turned 10 years old!  During this time we have advanced our clients in the development of IT functions and systems and have hired more than 1,500 technology specialists. We are proud of the development in our niche, studying new technologies, being in the industry and understanding its needs. For 10 years […]

Luxoft Personnel is rebranding

The rebranding concept coincided with the company’s expansion to the European markets and with the company’s expertise areas development. The preceding name Luxoft Personnel rang a bell of Luxoft and it kept reminding of IT practices. And this might bring some obstacles while positioning the agency at the global markets. We had a chance to […]