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At GlobalCareer there is a large separate department which provides recruitment process outsourcing services. The main purpose of this department is to provide a pool of relevant candidates to quickly fill a large number of vacancies.

We know IT! So, we are well aware which specialists with which technology stack and with how much experience our clients need. Over the last 11 years we have accumulated a sizable candidate database and developed a proven methodology of research to find IT specialists.

We analyze the profiles of possible candidates by focusing on vacancies open within the framework of stream-based recruitment rather than on specific requests. That way we can present many suitable candidates and not individual CVs.

Another advantage of our service is that we take the workload off a client’s internal recruitment department to make time for complicated searches as well as perform related HR functions. Not only do we provide a presentation of candidates, but we offer support to the entire process. Our recruiters interview clients and hire managers; make analyses; try to fulfill candidate expectations; and assume most of the coordination work in the recruitment process. It saves a substantial amount of resources for the employer when fulfilling 20, 30, 50, or even 150 vacancies.

Given the growing competition for IT specialists, GlobalCareer provides the best source of suitable candidates. Send an employee selection request by visiting our website and we will find an exceptional IT specialist candidate that meets all your needs.

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