Machine Learning: the demand for Junior-specialists


The demand for specialists in the field of machine learning has grown by 36% over the past year, which is higher than for other types of technologies. Moreover, the salaries of novice developers have also seen high spikes.

What is it all about?

Machine learning is a field in science and technology that targets the issue of computer learning. If we proceed from the general to the particular, then within the field of Artificial Intelligence there is a branch of Cognitive Computing that combines the technologies of automated decision-making, audio and video data recognition, machine vision, processing of texts in natural languages and machine learning itself. However, it’s hard to strictly define separate directions of cognitive computing.

Back in 2016, Gartner research company marked machine learning as being at the peak of expectations while on its «hype curve». The huge amount of accumulated data, the created processor base and the availability of libraries stimulate the development of machine learning. Therefore, many companies dealing with big data are interested in optimizing business processes using machine-learning methods. In this way, the tasks of forecasting consumer demand and events involving high costs, the identification of data anomalies, and the development of recommendations for clients are all possible through this technology.

Who needs ML specialists?

Positions in the field of machine learning are commonly referred to as Machine Learning Engineers / Developers, Software Engineers / Developers, Research Engineers, Data Scientists, R&D Engineers, Developers (Machine Learning), ML Developers, or Developers of Machine Learning.

Most often, such vacancies are open in large Internet companies (Yandex, Mail. Ru Group), software companies (ABBYY, Kaspersky Lab), and research centers of high-tech companies and universities (Bosch, LG Electronics, Samsung, Intel). Telecommunications and financial companies have a lower demand, but it’s only a matter of time before they catch up.

According to GlobalCareer Senior Partner Zoya Bogdashkina, «demand forecasting, query classification, data analytics — solving such problems allows a company to significantly optimize its business solutions. Therefore, we are seeing an increase in demand for ML developers, both at the Lead level and Junior specialists in IT companies, in retail and fintech».

What you should know

The key requirement for a Machine Learning Developer is a good mathematical expertise, namely the knowledge of machine learning algorithms, mathematical statistics, and probability theory. For example, during interviews at Yandex, they test for knowledge of classical ML models, optimization methods, methods for assessing the quality of models, and experience in solving practical problems. Therefore, the requirements for such positions include higher technical education in the first place (a Master’s degree or PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or other quantitative fields).

Another equally important requirement is programming skills in one or more popular languages. According to GitHub, Python is the most popular language among ML developers (thanks to the set of pre-configured tools for implementing ML algorithms). However, employers most often specify C++ as a basic requirement; much less frequently, they look for ML developers with knowledge of Java and C#.

With minimum relevance to these requirements and the ability to read documentation in English, a developer is already in demand. Employers are ready to hire novice professionals and invest in their development. For example, a large software company may offer the following tasks for beginners: analysis of documents, the search and extraction of table structures, searching for various objects in a document (stamps, signatures, logos), and development of signs for classifier training.

A deep knowledge in machine learning, practical experience in solving problems, for example, on the Kaggle platform, and experience in working with one of the following libraries: TensorFlow, Turi Create, Caffe, Tiny-dnn, Apache SINGA, OpenNN, make it possible for candidates to qualify for a senior position in international R&D projects.

GlobalCareer consultants work to fill IT vacancies of the most dynamic IT companies in Russia and the world. Send your CV marked ML and we will be able to offer you a number of vacancies in the area.

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