Searching for a Specialized Network Engineer

Client: A large financial organization engaged in money transfers around the world
Vacancy: Network Engineer
Consultant: Alexey Anisimov

The demand for specialists and developers who are able to create innovative solutions for financial management is quite high. In today’s case, we’ll explain how we found an IT specialist with a unique combination of skills in the area of financial technology.

Business challenge

Our client — a large financial organization engaged in money transfers — needed to replace an outgoing employee. The difficulty was that a rare combination of skills was required: the candidate needed to be well-versed in network engineering and understand all the intricacies of network security. Usually in Fintech companies, a number of members of the IT team oversee these issues. However, because of the specifics of the business processes, one specialist was required who was competent in all of the named areas of knowledge.

The main technical competencies expected from the candidate were a deep understanding of the infrastructure based on Cisco solutions and experience in configuring and supporting VipNet products to ensure the security of manipulating client data.


Taking into account the peculiarities of our client’s sphere of activity and requirements, and to guarantee the candidate’s expertise in information security for financial technologies, we focused on candidates with experience in IT projects for banks and other Fintech companies.

The GlobalCareer team conducted detailed market research, analyzing the responsibilities of employees working in similar positions, after which a list of potential candidates was drawn up.

Alexey Anisimov, the consultant responsible for the project, comments: «In addition to the rare combination of required skills, another complexity of the search was that the final decision was made by company employees who were in Europe. At the same time, a vacancy was opened in Moscow, and work was to be done here, given the specifics of the Russian financial sphere. Our task was also to find a compromise: to find a candidate who would meet the slightly different requirements of Russian and foreign colleagues».

Алексей Анисимов
Alexey Anisimov


We analyzed our database of candidates ⁠comprising more than 1 million resumes, professional sites and communities. Having found eight candidates who met the formal criteria, we chose not to proceed with seven of them after the HR interview as they specialized in either network technologies or security. Only one applicant had the unique combination of skills that was required by the customer.

In total, 2.5 weeks passed between the opening of the vacancy and the signing of the offer. The candidate has been working in the customer’s company for more than a month now and during this time has proven themselves in both experience and knowledge. The selected specialist is distinguished by a high level of technical skill, so was able to quickly master the customer’s work system and integrate with the team.

GlobalCareer has extensive experience in finding IT experts and developers with unique competencies. If your project needs a professional with a rare stack, leave your request and we’ll help you find them.

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