How to Hire Mobile Application Developers


Kristina Popova, consultant for the RPO team at GlobalCareer, talks about the intricacies of hiring iOS and Android developers for teams of major companies.

Application Developers for iOS and Android Are in Demand

The question of developing and improving mobile applications now faces many companies; according to our research on the IT labor market, vacancies for mobile application developers have grown by 18% in six months. Opportunities have opened at Group,, Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, VTB, Kaspersky Lab, Gazprom Neft, MTS, Tinkoff, Yandex and over 400 other companies developing internal IT departments. The number of offers for iOS and Android developers is approximately the same.

Technology Stack for Mobile Development

Such heated competition for staff makes it essential for recruiters to understand and take into account the specifics of the selection. We work with the largest IT companies, so we’re most often looking for specialists with a modern stack. For iOS development, this means knowing Swift first and Objective-C as an add-on. For Android development, we look for experience in writing code in Kotlin and Java.

Additional requirements for a mobile developer may include:

  • Knowledge of design patterns
  • Knowledge of GIT and GIT Flow
  • The experience of creating complex custom views
  • Experience writing unit tests
  • Experience with databases and service architecture
  • Knowledge of DevOps practices

And for any position, experience in commercial development, design of highly loaded systems and previous work in Agile or Scrum methodology will be an advantage.

It’s also worth noting that unlike in other areas of software development, assessing specialists on years of experience (i.e. junior, middle, senior, lead) doesn’t necessarily correlate with their ability in mobile development. Kristina Popova, consultant to the RPO GlobalCareer team, says «We often see impressive portfolios among candidates aged 22-23. Starting in development while still in high school and often without specialized higher education, these candidates show clean code, knowledge of design patterns and a willingness to solve non-standard problems.»

Where to Look for Application Developer Resumes

There are a lot fewer mobile developers on the market than Java developers, for example, but the number of vacancies is similar. In addition, a large proportion of specialists work remotely for foreign companies, which creates competition in the labor market.

And for many iOS/Android developers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities, remote work and an open schedule are key factors when considering a role.

GlobalCareer recruiters use a strategy to find candidates who aren’t currently active in the labor market, using recommendations, their own candidate database, work sites, social networks, specialized channels and chats.

Each recruiter has several similar vacancies in their portfolio which means that even during the first interview, after assessing the candidate’s motivation and technical skills, we can already present a vacancy on a suitable project. Previous vacancies have included:

  • Android developers for an online-shopping application-development project
  • iOS developers for a new consumer lending mobile app
  • Android developers for a project to develop user identification and authentication processes
  • Android/iOS developers to integrate new services into a mobile app
  • Android/iOS developers on a project to develop a new personal-finance management service

Portfolio Is the Main Argument

To speed up the selection of mobile developers, requesting a portfolio of sample code or released applications is essential.

Kristina Popova notes that «In the absence of a portfolio, or work under an NDA, we ask the developer to perform a test task. For example, draw a prototype of an application or write a piece of code during an interview. This is always a more risky and stressful option for both the recruiter and the developer. In the case of a difficult test task, the developer may ‘disappear’, and the excitement of the interview may prevent the candidate from showing all his capabilities.»

Kristina Popova

At the stage of portfolio analysis, our recruiters pay attention primarily to the type of application. The experience of creating enterprise applications for employment in leading companies is always more profitable than game development, which involves a completely different stack. In addition, experience with high-load systems is always a priority for our customers. Application rating also plays a role.

In one of the projects, we showed the customer more than 70 relevant candidates who were ready to consider a job offer. As a result of the recruitment process, the client selected eight finalists, half of whom went on to work for the customer’s company. Moreover, the first offer was made during the first week of work on the vacancy. Such results are explained by the capabilities of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing model used by GlobalCareer in partnership with major Russian employers.

We search a whole list of similar vacancies and show the employer several relevant candidates at once. To save the employer’s time and resources, we take care of all the communication, taking into account the particular recruitment needs of each client.

Our consultants are ready to share their experience in selecting iOS and Android developers with you. Let us know which specialists you need and what data you’re missing for successful recruitment and we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

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