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The rebranding concept coincided with the company’s expansion to the European markets and with the company’s expertise areas development. The preceding name Luxoft Personnel rang a bell of Luxoft and it kept reminding of IT practices. And this might bring some obstacles while positioning the agency at the global markets. We had a chance to learn more about the rebranding causes and the new brand GlobalCareer itself with Mr. Vladimir Vereschagin, the Managing Partner of GlobalCareer.

Interviewer: Vladimir, what made you rename the agency into GlobalCareer?

Vladimir Vereschagin: Nowadays, rebranding is a strategic decision to us. Luxoft is a leading IT company, and an internationally renowned custom software development brand. Annually, over hundreds of employees join forces with Luxoft worldwide. Thus, to establish our own nature at the new markets, Luxoft
Personnel had to fly from its parent nest brand wise. Our own brand is the road we take to shed strong associations with Luxoft and IT practices. Our current expertise has outgrown IT boundaries and we specialize in additional areas now. Luxoft Personnel name keeps us perceived exclusively as an IT-recruitment agency. Getting rebranded into GlobalCareer comes along with targeting at the European countries expansion as a self-standing business there.

Interviewer: The name Luxoft Personnel was strongly connected with Luxoft, your head company, and it reminded of human resources, your business area. What is the uniqueness of GlobalCareer, your new brand?

Vladimir Vereschagin: The name GlobalCareer reflects the concept of our rebirth. We strive to be the source of careers without boundaries, globally. Regardless one’s residence, our candidates have the opportunities to go on with their careers anywhere in the world, and we are here to help them with it.

As for the brand’s uniqueness, it embodies our expertise in personal career development, our experience of working with executive level candidates per tailored indicators from our clients. This approach most certainly ensures an instant payoff, meaning today we help upper level candidates with their own career development; tomorrow they refer to us as a trustworthy provider of business services for their companies. And this is in the core secret of constant growth and development of recruitment busines.

Interviewer: What new opportunities become available for your employees due to the company’s new markets expansion?

Vladimir Vereschagin: Being employed by an international company most definitely presupposes a range of advantages in comparison with local employers. GlobalCareer is no exception. Nowadays our consultants have gained the access to far more grand scale projects worldwide. The projects are much more complicated, and the challenge of fulfilling them would definitely polish the skills and knowledge of our consultants, raising them to the next level. Moreover, our branches chain extending brings uncapped opportunities of career without boundaries to our employees.

Interviewer: Has anything changed in your company due to the rebranding?

Vladimir Vereschagin: Firstly, our new brand GlobalCareer starts working in Poland, and Poland is our jumping-off point in Europe. Secondly, we have launched our new website Also a Finance Practice joined our currently active Technology and Corporate Practices. In Poland the Finance Practice is headed by our newly invited Key Account Manager with extended professional experience and vast business connections base. All this we will bring our general strategy “to think globally, to search locally, keeping local peculiarities in mind” to life.

Interviewer: Vladimir, to sum it all up, share with us, what strategic goals and tasks are to be achieved and solved by your company due to entering the new markets?

Vladimir Vereschagin: With the new brand name GlobalCareer we are determined to enter the new markets with dignity and confidence. We are going to establish our own niche position, providing the high quality services in each location of our presence.

Interviewer: May success accompany you!

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