Our SAP Team in the Largest FMCG Company

Technology Case-studies
Client: the largest international FMCG company
IT roles: analysts, consultants, SAP architects in FI, MM, SD, BW, WM, PM, PP modules, and data migration specialists

Major organizational changes in companies are always compounded with the search for new employees. Within the framework of this case study, we employed 20 specialists for a newly created SAP unit.

Business challenge

Our client decided to create a SAP competence center in Russia. At the time of the decision SAP international support was provided from a European center. However, due to significant organizational changes taking place in the Russian part of the business, including mergers, a decision was made to create a competence center in Moscow.

In addition to the deployment of FI, MM, SD, BW, WM, PM, PP SAP modules, the Russian division was tasked with interacting with a European office and the third support line in the USA. Successful candidates were to build SAP architecture while taking into account local specifics. Other tasks included introducing new modules, preparing changes, analyzing requirements from users, implementing requests, preparing specifications, etc.

The second major task was to integrate affiliated companies while taking into account the interests of the main office and other companies involved. That is why in addition to SAP consultants, we also needed specialists who would be able to transfer and integrate data.


After a discussion of the job profiles with the client, it became clear that the open positions were a great opportunity for candidates with not only highly technical expertise, but also strong communication and leadership skills. These were the first roles we worked on for the new regional center. New hires established the corporate culture of the center and had excellent vertical and horizontal career growth prospects.

The complexity of the project was determined by tight deadlines and fairly high candidate requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of one or more of the declared SAP modules
  • International experience in business analysis
  • Experience in project support, change management and decision-making
  • Willingness to travel to Russia and other parts of the world — at least half the time
  • Fluency in English

High level of responsibility, and excellent communication skills
Our team conducted a detailed search and selected candidates with a technical background who held previous positions involving a high level of responsibility in companies with similar management culture and processes.


56 candidates matched the desired vacancy profiles and were submitted to the SAP international competence center. They included positions unique to the Russian market. Vacancies for both SAP specialists and project specialists were filled. We supported candidates throughout the multi-stage selection and evaluation process until a final hiring decision was made. In the end, 20 candidates were offered a job.

We always strive to maintain contact with all of our clients. And we know for a fact that the SAP implementation project was a success. The main reason was having the right people in place.

SAP is one of our key areas of expertise. We have gained experience in searching for both individual roles, such as BPC consultants, and entire teams.

We would be happy to share our experiences and discuss your selection needs. Contact us by leaving a request on our website.

SAP modules implemented at the client company:

  • FI (Finance)
  • MM (Materials Management)
  • SD (Sales and Distribution)
  • BW (Business Warehouse)
  • WM (Warehouse Management)
  • PM (Plant Maintenance)
  • PP (Production Planning)

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