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At our agency, most client requests are for Java developers. And despite the fact that there are more Java specialists than any others, they are in short supply. Let’s see what you need to pay attention to when searching for Java experts and the advantages of outsourcing these vacancies.

Which Specialist Do You Need?

When hiring Java professionals, the industry in which they’ve worked isn’t that important, so a recruiter can consider candidates from a variety of companies. However, you should pay attention to the experience and the technology stack used: Regular/Middle developers who have experience with JAVA 11, JSE, J2EE, JTA, EJB, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud frameworks are more in demand. According to our data, experience with DevOps tools (GIT Bitbucket, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, Junit) and microservices architecture, MS SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL are also in demand.

Keep in mind that there are many opportunities on the labor market, so the first question from a potential candidate will be about the proposed project. It’s easier to sell projects related to the creation of a new product or solution and vacancies on the third line of technical support are less interesting for candidates. There is also the specificity of Java; a frequent question from experienced developers is the amount of legacy code. Therefore having an understanding of the project specifics and preparing a professional presentation of upcoming tasks is always beneficial.

Katerina Chepikova, senior consultant for the RPO team at GlobalCareer, says «Sometimes candidates specifically ask technical questions to determine how much the recruiter is immersed in the nuances. On this basis, they conclude whether they are ready to continue to cooperate with the agency and the employer in the search for a new opportunity for themselves. Since the IT market is in high demand and working with inactive specialists, it is very important to be able to build long-term communication with each candidate. Therefore, in our team, each recruiter is guided by technologies and roles.»

Katerina Chepikova

At GlobalCareer, we undertake the candidate search, initial resume evaluation, first interview and all further communication, saving time for the client’s recruiters. After a technical interview conducted by the employer, we request and analyze feedback on the competencies of candidates, which allows us to quickly adjust our search tactics and show suitable developers. This significantly reduces the time needed to fill vacancies.

Where to Look

According to HeadHunter, over the past month more than 2000 vacancies for Java specialists have been posted in Moscow. However, simply listing a vacancy and awaiting a response is unlikely to yield results. There are only 1.8 resumes submitted per vacancy, which speaks to the «candidate market» and the need to compete for real professionals. Therefore, a variety of search methods should be used: from social media networks, professional forums and chats to the use of special tools such as AmazingHiring, Boolean Search, etc. And any candidates found must then be «sold» on the vacancy.

At GlobalCareer, we draw on our own database of over 2 million specialists. Our consultants also carry out additional analytical work in conjunction with analysts, allowing us to target keywords, companies and related technologies. This means you can be sure that the labor market of the required specialists is analyzed as thoroughly as possible.

Stream-Based Recruitment

We work with an RPO model, which allows us to rapidly fill vacancies with relevant candidates. Each consultant works on several similar vacancies at a time and our entire team maintains contact with over 500 Java specialists, all at various stages of considering a vacancy. We provide clients with about 50 resumes per week, although some of these will be rejected during the technical interview and some developers will decline the role having received a more attractive offer elsewhere.

Katerina Chepikova explains that «The availability of statistics enables us to predict the funnel of candidates for each project. According to our internal data, in order to make one offer we need to show 3–5 candidates. But this is not enough to close the vacancy. Taking into account the demand for IT specialists, in order to hire one java developer, you need to make an offer to at least two candidates.»

In our opinion, outsourcing recruitment optimizes the process of searching for IT candidates. Our experience is backed up by labor market analytics, our extensive candidate database, the narrow specialization of our consultants and stream-based selection capabilities (combining several vacancies in one search).

We provide salary analytics, careful selection of candidates, analysis of the reasons for candidate refusal and support during the entire process. Leave a request on our website, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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