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Client: International IT Holding
Vacancy: Delivery Director Automotive Navigation
Project manager: Recruitment Team Lead Alexey Anisimov

The GlobalCareer team is looking for IT specialists; not only for Russian companies, but also for developers of complex software on an international scale. We have managed to fulfill over 50 vacancies in the automotive industry. Most of these positions were based in Germany, where they have the best centers for modern machine-building technologies. They are developing embedded software for cars, modern systems of assistance for drivers and navigation systems; these are just some of the technologies being created. Successful candidates should be prepared to relocate. Today, we will discuss a recruitment project for a large-scale international company engaged in the development of automotive IT systems.


Our partner, a large International IT Holding company, contacted us with a request to find a Delivery Director for Automotive Navigation in Germany. The specialist is to lead the development of car navigation systems, be responsible for quality, manage teams and communicate with customers.

Work process

The candidate must have a valid PMP certificate, be a problem solver, have an excellent understanding of the Automotive SPICE structure, have skills in DevOps and understand SCRUM, KANBAN. The candidate will be working in both a multinational and multicultural team, therefore, they will be required to possess excellent communication skills and the ability to fully motivate employees.

Based on the specialist profile, the GlobalCareer team are focusing on its database of IT specialists from Germany. Professional networks such as; LinkedIn, Xing and other communities were analyzed, in search of German developers with knowledge of car navigation systems. Due to our experience in recruiting employees throughout various international projects, we are aware that international jobseekers actively maintain their profiles in professional social networks, more so than their Russian counterparts.

Automotive software development differs significantly from other IT technologies. In this field, the reliability and safety of systems are of great importance. The mechanical engineering industry uses highly specialized programming tools, and there are many protocols and standards that are not used anywhere else. Additionally, there is a regional specificity of work, knowledge of which would greatly facilitate the candidate’s adaptation within the company and quick inclusion in solving problems. Therefore, the focus was on candidates with at least 10 years’ experience in automotive software development in Germany.

Alexey Anisimov, Recruitment Team Lead GlobalCareer, who led the recruitment process, notes: “An additional challenge of this project was that we were looking for a specialist among those who have experience working within the German market over a longer period of time. The employer is located in Germany, and a person with perfect knowledge of the language and the laws of the country was needed. It is also important to understand that labor legislation in Russia and Europe are different. So, for example, notice periods are longer in Europe and because of this, the terms of employment are different to those in the Russian Federation. “


After studying prospective candidate’s resumes, the initial stage of the interview was conducted by Alexey; 18 candidates were invited for an interview. The candidates were chosen based on their experience and competencies that matched with the job requirements.   

The candidate that was selected by the employer had the required hard and soft skills. The chosen candidate was looking for a job as he had finalized a previous project that he was working on. Previously, he held the position of Program Manager in a company that develops car navigation software. He knows this area of ​​the IT market and technology perfectly, he also has the necessary certification and management experience.

The specialist has been working in the position for over 6 months. The employer highly appreciates the specialist and is completely satisfied with the choice made.

The GlobalCareer database contains more than 2 million IT specialists’ resumes, with a wide variety of experience and skills. If you need an employee with a rare profile, leave an application on our website and we will help you find a suitable candidate, regardless of their location.

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