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For the search entry «developer salary report», Google shows more than 50 million results. Why do people order labor market analytics when there are a lot of publicly available materials from specialized research companies and recruiting agencies?

According to the HH. ru portal, 89% of employers use HR analytics to search and select personnel.

We receive requests for regular reviews on a whole panel of positions. For almost every project, before we open a vacancy, we begin by preparing a detailed survey of the labor market.

After all, are you looking for an experienced developer or a salesman? You may need a Program Manager who has knowledge on specific software, or a Delivery Director that can work with clients within a narrow industrial market in a specific location, or a Diagnostic Expert with excellent communication skills and development experience. Or maybe you have a vacancy with a very specific list of requirements for a candidate, but you are not sure that the proposed salary may interest appropriate candidates.

A recruiter spends an average of 25 days more when looking for a digital specialist for a new role (based on Gartner data). Additional information in such a situation greatly optimizes the hiring process. How? Let’s take a look at the example of our GlobalCareer agency.

As a niche agency, we have a whole portfolio of research cases in Automotive, Telecom, Finance, and, of course, IT. This is not a one-time study of the situation on the market but an understanding of the dynamics of its development in relation to a client’s task. When a company is looking for an employee, it examines the market situation. The results of the analysis may depend on various factors and do not always correctly reflect the current situation.

We specialize in IT; therefore, we analyze the market constantly and see the dynamics of development in dozens of roles. For example, we see continued growth in demand for Machine Learning Specialists. Over the past year, the number of vacancies for such specialists has grown by 36% in Russia.

Briefly, the analytical work algorithm can be described as follows: get information from the client about the roles and the necessary technology stacks within the requested geography, determine the research methodology, collect information and analyze it (salaries, compensation packages), and give recommendations on the search.

A part of our methodology is also:

  • To engage experts to assess the value of relevant candidates
  • To interview with representatives of the target group to monitor salary expectations

As a result, the customer receives a clear idea of the cost of the specialist that is needed. And then they can make the right decision: adjust salary offers and continue the search, or make a decision about the possibility of re-positioning, retraining the candidate.

When searching for specialists with rare expertise, preliminary analytics make it possible to assess the feasibility of the entire project and may sometimes lead to a decision about a pause in the launch of the project and the search for employees. Yes, we have had such cases; for example, in the search for architects of DMP (data management platform).

Another area of analytical function is the assessment of the labor market in different cities.

This task is in demand for companies considering the possibility of transferring functions from one location to another: both within the region and from country to country. With the conclusion of our analysis, an assessment of the socio-economic conditions of cities, the level of wages, and tensions in the labor market makes it possible to make informed decisions leading to the optimization of payroll or to ensure further growth of the function.

Knowledge is power. Relevant information that answers a specific question helps to make the right decision in time.

What information about the IT market are you missing? Fill out an application on our site, and we will offer you options on how you can acquire the information you need.

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