Natalia Marchenko



While Natalia only joined the GlobalCareer team in 2012 as a Consultant, her background in the industry goes back over 10 years. In 2015 she became a Partner in the company where she has been primarily responsible for business development and project quality management. Natalia’s experience includes a great number of successful projects selecting experts and managers in the IT, Retail, E-commerce, Finance, and Telecom industries. The main positions she has helped fill include: VP IT, CEO, CFO, —IO/BP, PMO, Head of Business Application, Head of Support and Head of Infrastructure.

At work as in life, Natalia strives for constant development; to always continue to gain experience, improve professionally, and acquire new knowledge. She believes that steady progress and the ability to find optimal solutions in difficult situations are the basis for success. She finds inspiration in both interesting projects and her travels, where she discovers new facets of life. According to Natalia, each country adds its own unique touch to the picture of human experience, allowing the world to be appreciated as a deep, extensive, and meaningful work of art.

Natalia has two higher degrees, including one in HR Management.

Project Locations: Russia and other CIS countries

Languages: Russian and English



+7 495 967 80 30, ext.3203

+7 968 641 07 03



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