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Data mining, Machine learning Engineer/ Data Scientist


Project description

About the Project:

We are looking for an R&D engineer who will contribute to the software development of next generation products and solutions incorporating data analytics for their improved performance, reliability and best in class quality. Becoming a part of a global Digitalization team will allow you to cooperate and exchange experience with software developers around the globe. N.B. Candidates from St. Petersburg as well as from Moscow are considered.


  • Full time position
  • Corporate trainings
  • Corporate medical insurance
  • Corporate pension program
  • Fitness compensation
  • Lunch compensation
  • Relocation support for candidates


We consider candidates with various experience and skills ranging from young talented specialists till experienced and innovative developers. The responsibilities vary depending on experience of the candidate. General areas of responsibilities cover:

  • Develop analytical applications in Siemens Big Data platform (Mindsphere) for anomaly detection, predictive analytics, forecasting, signal processing;
  • Research, design, and implement algorithms that power knowledge inference and online recommendations;
  • Dive into huge, noisy, and complex real-world behavioral data to produce innovative analysis and new types of predictive models of engineering behaviors and manufacturing processes performance;
  • Explore the untapped potential of big data for design, engineering and analysis tasks and devise revolutionary approaches;
  • Advance the state-of-the-art in the field, including generating patents and publications in top journals and conferences;
  • Apply deep learning techniques to large-scale, real-world problems;
  • Fast prototyping, feasibility studies, specification and implementation of data analysis product components;
  • Working with customers to understand algorithm requirements and deliver high-quality solutions;
  • Work in a team using agile development methodologies such as Scrum, KANBAN;
  • Continuous improvement of the tools and processes used by the team.


  • Degree in mathematics and/or statistics;
  • Practical experience in data mining, machine learning, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, signal processing, time series forecasting;
  • Hands-on advanced proficiency in handling and analyzing large data sets;
  • Knowledge in optimal computational environment required for data processing, mining and machine learning;
  • Programming languages: Python, R;
  • Scientific publications and references or proven successful industry experience;
  • Great interest and motivation for applied research;
  • Upper intermediate English.
  • Experience in Deep Learning tools like - Pylearn2, Caffe, Theano, Torch, Cuda-convnet, Deeplearning4j;
  • Experience with Cloud Computing, e.g. AWS, MS Azure;
  • Experienced with the information technology aspects of data collection, organization, and integration;
  • Java development experience;
  • Contribution to journals/blogs/professional community resources.

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