New Business Development Stage for Luxoft Personnel Following New Appointments


Since April 2013 Luxoft Personnel has implemented three new practices: IT Technology, Executive Salesforce & Consulting and Corporate IT. Each practice has its own sector- and function-related focus.

Sector-focused practices will be developed by the best consultants and recognized experts like Zoya Bogdashkina, Vyacheslav Mamai and Natalia Marchenko.

Moreover, the company has made a number of new appointments:

  • Vladimir Vereshchagin was appointed Managing Partner in Luxoft Personnel.
  • Zoya Bogdashkina was appointed Senior Partner, IT Technology Practice Leader.
  • Vyacheslav Mamai received an offer to take on the position of Executive Salesforce & Consulting Practice Leader and Partner.
  • Natalia Marchenko was appointed Corporate IT Practice Leader.
  • Marina Lakhina became a Marketing Leader.
  • Gennady Pysanko was appointed Team Leader in the Luxoft Personnel Ukrainian Branch.

Vereshchagin Vladimir

Vladimir Vereshchagin Appointed Managing Partner in Luxoft Personnel

International Luxoft Company made an offer to Vladimir in 2008 to develop a new business area or, in other words, to set up a Luxoft Personnel Recruitment Agency.

Vladimir was one of the Luxoft Personnel founders. He produced a development strategy for the Agency, built a team of talented managers and implemented efficient business processes. In 2008 – 2012 he held a position of the Business Development Director and in 2012 he became the Managing Director in Luxoft Personnel. In 2013 Vladimir Vereshchagin was appointed Managing Partner as a new organizational structure was set up.

At the moment his efficient leadership helps Luxoft Personnel secure a leading position on the IT recruitment markets in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Bogdashkina Zoya

Zoya Bogdashkina Appointed Senior Partner and IT Technology Practice Leader

Zoya Bogdashkina started her first projects with Luxoft Personnel in 2008 and these projects proved to be a success. She implemented core business processes and training programs focused on team development.
In 2010 Zoya became a Recruitment Leader in the Luxoft Personnel Recruitment Agency. Under her leadership, a distributed recruiter team in Russia and Ukraine delivered multiple staff recruitment projects.
Zoya’s professionalism and deep expertise are evidenced not only by numerous successful projects but also brilliant reports that she made at IT and HRM conferences as well as industry-related publications.

At the moment Zoya is responsible for projects and leads the IT Technology Practice focused on collaboration with major Russian and Western businesses, software developers, banks, outsourcing as well as media and Internet companies.

Mamay Slava

Vyacheslav Mamai Joined Luxoft Personnel Team as a Partner and Executive Salesforce & Consulting Practice Leader.

Vyacheslav started his career in 1997 when he worked in the staff assessment and testing area as well as developed and held business games in the International Banking Institute. Since 2005 he held a position of the IT and Telecom Recruitment Team Leader in Manpower Group Inc. In 2006 Vyacheslav expanded his professional activities to cover both recruitment and business development. In 2007 he became the Practice Leader with Kelly Services where he worked with major software developers, consulting companies and Russian system integrators.
In 2013 Vyacheslav received an offer from the Luxoft Personnel International Agency to set up and develop a new practice, Executive Salesforce & Consulting.
This Practice will deliver projects for major software developers, niche software developers, integrators as well as telecom and consulting companies.

Marchenko Natalya

Natalia Marchenko Appointed Corporate IT Practice Leader

Natalia started her recruitment career with the Personnel Novation Recruitment Agency where she delivered projects to search for mid-level managers and executives. From 2010 she worked as the HR Manager with a number of leading Omsk-based companies. In 2012 Natalia joined the Luxoft Personnel Recruitment Agency as a Consultant. To secure successful delivery of Luxoft Personnel projects Natalia managed to make the best use of her experience and expertise in staff recruitment, adaptation and assessment as well as corporate culture development and implementation processes. She was appointed Recruitment Team Leader following successful recruitment projects in various business areas like IT, FMCG, retail, pharmaceuticals and car manufacturing. Natalia proved herself as a talented leader demonstrating superior financial performance of her projects.

At the moment Natalia leads the Practice to deliver projects aimed at recruiting IT experts for the following businesses: FMCG, retail, car market, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing industries.

Lakhina Marina

Marina Lakhina Became Luxoft Personnnel Marketing Leader

Marina joined Luxoft Personnel in 2011 as a Senior Marketing Manager. Her professional career is based on performance excellence and ambitious goals. Marina is responsible for development and delivery of the marketing strategy, corporate brand promotion, market launch of new products as well as PR and Internet promotion.
Thanks to Marina’s system-based approach to work, Luxoft Personnel became a recognized member of the professional community both in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Pysanko GennadyGennady Pysanko Became Recruitment Team Leader in Luxoft Personnel Ukrainian Branch

Gennady holds two degrees, one in IT and the other in HR Management, that helps him easily navigate through IT expert recruitment issues and have a deep understanding of the customer needs.

Gennady started his HR career in 2008 with one of the leading retail networks where he set up an HR Department from scratch. He also developed successful motivation and training programs and a grade system and was involved in staff recruitment and assessment.

Then Gennady made a decision to focus his professional development on recruitment and consulting areas. He worked with an international recruitment agency in Ukraine and secured a fast career growth from a Consultant to a Discipline Leader. Gennady led a recruiter team focused on business areas like IT, FMCG, agriculture, construction, real estate, logistics, power, metal and car manufacturing industries as well as oil and gas.

In Luxoft Personnel Gennady is responsible for developing agency’s business in Ukraine, setting up a team and building partnership relations with customers.

Luxoft Personnel views the above mentioned changes in the company as a new huge development step that will allow the Agency to expand its expertise and provide excellent state-of-the-art services to more market players and candidates.