Luxoft Personnel Shares Its Expertise on Air on Moscow 24 TV Channel


The TV program reviewed key aspects around using social networks for recruitment, statistics regarding availability of the required candidates in social media as well as interesting examples of how an account in a social network may have an impact on career development.

Recruitment of C++ programmers for Luxoft, an international company, by recruitment agency Luxoft Personnel was reviewed as an efficient case of recruitment through social networks.

Зоя БогдашкинаZoya Bogdashkina commented that the key advantage of the selected strategy was a pool of candidates who were not familiar to the HR Department of the Customer. Thus, it allowed the company to promptly fill in the vacancies in Moscow and Seattle.

Experts who took part in the program gave their comprehensive views on recruitment through social networks. Along with the obvious advantages of social media utilization like high rate of response to posted vacancies, the experts listed the disadvantages of this method like data reliability issue and high percentage of irrelevant responses.

However, despite the controversy around this method, recruitment through social networks demonstrates strong annual growth of 10-15% against the overall recruitment market and is viewed as one of the useful tools of all advanced recruiters.

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