Ukrainian IT market will increase by 15-20% in 2012


Analytical department of recruitment agency Luxoft Personnel jointly with analysts from career portal prepared a report on Ukrainian labor market for 2011, and outlined the trends that will prevail in 2012.

According to experts, “2011 in many ways exceeded expectations related to growth of IT industry”. There are two reasons for that: the invasion of IT technologies into companies’ business processes and everyday life of people, and proneness to outsource inner IT functions and IT infrastructures to third companies.

In 2011, growth rate of job openings in IT industry almost echoed general labor market trends: total number of job openings increased 1.9 times.

Among software developers web programmers were in highest demand. As experts note, “growth of IT market in 2011 was caused by high demand in software developers in USA and Europe”. Meanwhile, there was an acute deficit of Java and .NET developers.

Areas of corporate IT systems and IT infrastructure have seen an increasing demand in IT directors who are able to elaborate intelligent IT strategies for development and effectively manage the integration. The reason for high IT executives demand is often seen in the fact that, apart from globalization of many Ukrainian companies, the Ukrainian market itself was flooded with many foreign companies. Therefore, the number of job openings in 2011 increased 2.9 times as compared to 2010.

One of the main trends of large business now is implementing EPR systems. CRM solutions are being actively promoted in the banking, trading and telecommunications. Therefore, ERP and CRM programmers are in high demand nowadays. ” In 2011, the number of job openings in automation systems increased 3.7 times”, states Olga Voitsekhova, an analyst from

Salary expectations of Ukrainian programmers in 2011 were appropriate to traditional labor market behavior: they increased by 15-20%. The reason for this increase can be seen, first of all, in the market itself that is constantly evolving; the competition between companies is increasing as well, which in its turn makes their competition for IT candidates tougher than it used to be. Highly qualified specialists are in deficit, and companies heat the market, because they are ready to pay more in order to hire a “star”.

In this regard many companies today offer benefits in a way of wage supplements, and these non-financial recognition really matters to programmers.

According to Renata Khrebto, Head of Recruitment in Luxoft Personnel, Ukraine, For many applicants, professional growth is the best motivation. More and more companies nowadays offer competitive employment conditions and professional development, opening its own universities or training centers. When choosing a potential company, applicants more often pay attention to wage supplements, not only to possibilities of the position they apply to.

According to analysts’ forecasts, there will be no cardinal market growth in 2012. This is evidenced by unstable economical situation in Europe. But the overall situation on labor market in 2012 will be trouble-free for IT specialists. Customers are ready to pay for the work of Eastern European specialists more than for the work of their colleagues from South Eastern Asia. Ukraine established itself as an important player on the world market of IT outsourcing, especially in the software development.