GlobalCareer: yesterday, today, tomorrow


The executives of GlobalCareer have revealed their recipes for the company’s long lasting success. They see success as a complicated goal achieved due to the unique contribution of each team member.

Newswriter: Vladimir, since olden times the number 7 is believed to be a magical one. Do you have a feeling of this year being extra special for you and your company?

Vladimir Vereschagin

Every year is special to me, as each year pushes us to the next level of quality and internal growth. The agency’s expertise constantly develops; new professionals join us and bring along fresh ideas for the business development and promotion. The highlights of this year are geographical expanding, rebranding, assignments in the Eastern and Western Europe. We develop the executive search service and clients make frequent requests for it. As of today, the demand for the service has a 60% growth in comparison with the previous year.

Vladimir Vereschagin, Managing Partner

Newswriter: Larisa, could you share your vision of the main recruitment trends. What changes occurred in the business amidst the nowadays economic conditions, have they affected the business of your agency?

Larisa Shurenkova, Business Development Director of GlobalCareer:

It goes without saying that the economic situation in the country caused significant structural modifications in employing companies, and it surely affects the recruitment market. The market suffered a 13% decline. Small and medium sized agencies were impacted the most. Turnovers of huge companies decreased. However, the agencies which did stay on the recruitment market got rewarded with additional assignments from their current accounts. It happened because companies solve their business task of personnel cost reduction by means of outsourcing such back-office functions as IT support, payroll and others to their regional locations in Russia. Recruitment agencies operating in the Central Russia earn their fees by search and selection of personnel for their clients in other regions of the country. In the past days our Russian clients assigned positions in the Central and Northern-Western Federal District. Nowadays clients open positions in their offices located in the Urals, Siberia, the Far East, Volga Federal District and the Southern Russia. Anyways, the main requirements to the recruitment providers are the high quality service, speed in filling vacancies and agency’s fee. In my opinion, the economic crisis and relentless competition at the recruitment market are the factors that influenced the requirements to providers in a good way.

Newswriter: Zoya, your practice has become the groundwork of the business, and it secured your agency’s competitive advantages and successful promotion at the market since the day of agency’s inception. What are the keys to your company’s success?

Bogdashkina Zoya

I think GlobalCareer turned out to be a success due to its proper niche positioning. From the very start we focused on developing the expertise and we have always believed in our success. We are sure of our agency’s capabilities, and this belief ignites creative ideas in our heads, it leads us to the crucial structural decisions, and annually we succeed because we know we can make it big. I insist that an agency is much more than search technologies and proper procedures. First and foremost, agencies are made of the people with the feeling of being part of the team, a part that is granted with the real chance to contribute to the future of their employer. We have blended forces of unique people with their own expertise and professional network in required industries and areas. Though recruitment industry is considered to be tough and competitive, we managed establishing partnership environment with mutual support at its core.

Zoya Bogdashkina, Senior Partner, Technology Practice Leader

Newswriter: Marina, you are responsible for promotion of the agency’s brand at all markets. Tell us of the basics of it.

Marina Lakhina, Head of Marketing Department:

The basics of the brand are 3 key components. The marketing promotion strategy is based on line of business, service and inspiration.

  • Line of Business is the market positioning of the agency as an expert in definite industries such as IT, Finance, Telecommunications and others.
  • Service is our approach is solving business tasks of our clients. In addition to the search and selection of candidates for the vacancies at our client companies, we provide them with high quality analytics on the candidates market, we supply them with the results of market situation assessment; we assist our clients in formulating the right requirements to the candidates’ experience and skills. Also we find it important to provide our clients with the candidates who share our client companies’ values. 
  • But our key advantage is that we execute the assigned projects being inspired by the love for the job we do. And the inspiration brings operational efficiency along. As soon as we receive a Job Order from our client, we provide them with a commercial proposal on the same day. Also we supply our clients with the market analytics promptly. We know that individual approach to the assigned projects and our streamlined business processes are greatly appreciated by our clients.

Newswriter: What results would you emphasize this year, and in what directions are you planning to develop the business of GlobalCareer?

Natalia Marchenko, Partner, Corporate Practice Leader:

This year has been very successful for the Corporate Practice. We have managed executing a big number of projects for our clients in Retail, FMCG, Logistics and others. Due to this we have accumulated our expertise and expanded the geography of our services across Russia. We have provided recruitment services for our clients in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Ryazan, Omsk and others. By the end of the calendar year we have been assigned with projects from our international clients abroad.

Vladimir Vereschagin:

The increase in the agency’s financial turnover has been 35% this year in comparison with the previous year. The growth was firstly due to the quantity increment of assigned top-management search projects (a wide geographical coverage); it happened thanks to getting more RPO projects, and because we actively develop and receive requests for the employment market analytical reports. The strategy of our further development includes reinforcement of our industry expertise and strong concentration on the local markets, we plan to actively develop the analytical support services for our clients, and we will expand our presence geographically to the Western and Eastern Europe.

Newswriter: We thank GlobalCareer team for interesting commentaries and we wholeheartedly congratulate the company with their 7th anniversary.