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GlobalCareer welcomes opportunities to share our point of view with industry professionals through speaking engagements and media relations. Please get in touch with our marketing department if you need any information.

  • Machine Learning: the demand for Junior-specialists

    The demand for specialists in the field of machine learning has grown by 36% over the past year

  • IT Recruitment at GlobalCareer

    For 10 years, we have successfully hired not only top managers, but also developers, analysts, consultants, architecture and IT managers.

  • German Big 4 Goes Legal Tech

  • Executive Search at GlobalCareer

    In the last five years of operation we have closed more than one hundred positions on CxO, VP, MD, and D tiers.

  • 10-Year anniversary

    In October 2018, our agency turned 10 years old!

  • ABSL Conference 2016: GlobalCareer is engaged

    GlobalCareer’s Senior Consultant Justyna Kacprzak attended 7th ABSL conference that took place at the International Conference Centre in Katowice, Poland. The event was held on 28-29th of June and it gathered more than 1,000 attendees and participants under one roof. This year the main theme of the conference was “transofrming ourselves, changing the world.”

  • GlobalCareer will take part in the 7th ABSL Conference

    Justyna Kacprzak, Senior Consultant of Executive Search Agency GlobalCareer will attend the 7th ABSL Conference, which will take place on June 28-29 in Katowice, Poland. 

  • GlobalCareer took part in the Automotive IT Kongress 2016

    GlobalCareer, an international executive search agency, attended the CeBIT 2016 and Automotive IT Kongress in Hannover, Germany on March 14 – March 18. Over 800 000 people from many companies across the world attended the five-day event. Kristian Schilling, Senior Consultant from GlobalCareer’s Frankfurt office, represented the company at the exhibition.